Genvid Services can help you turn-key your next MILE. Get in touch with the MILE experts on the Genvid services team and find out how we can help.

Co-Development & Design

Developing a MILE involves several disciplines, some of which may not be native to your business. Genvid’s services can offer you support from day one in the intelligent planning and development of your MILE, from basic design through narrative planning, Genvid MILE SDK integration and crucial long- term success factors.

Production & Deployment

Cloud infrastructure is crucial to MILEs, but it can be intimidating if you don’t have engineers with AWS or Azure experience. As official AWS and Azure partners, we can show you how to get your streams on a server and broadcasting to fans quickly, reliably, and on budget.

Live-Ops & Ongoing Support

Running a live service is a discipline all of its own, so our support options don’t stop at launch. Not only can we provide 24/7 assistance once your MILE is up and running, ensuring your customers have the smoothest, most rewarding experience, we can also support you and your team in the use of our in-house technology and software solutions. Put your SLA in our hands and sleep easy.

Co-Development & Design

Successful MILE design starts on day one, building your ideas intelligently to create a product which will thrill and engage your customers. If you need help with basic design principles, narrative structure, or the web development skills necessary to make the Genvid overlay pop, our experienced team can show you the way.

We help plan your design to avoid conflicts or bottlenecks further down the line, ensuring that your MILE is the best implementation of your ideas and goals possible. We have experts from every discipline involved in the development and design of a successful MILE available to give you the professional, bespoke guidance you need to make your MILE a success.

Production & Deployment

Once your MILE is designed, coded and ready to run, you need to deploy it to a cloud service and connect it to your preferred delivery platform. We’re here to make things easy, from optimizing infrastructure during the design phase to advising on building for the scalability your MILEs require.

As part of our integrated service portfolio, our engineers can make sure you’re designing with these factors in mind from the beginning, guiding you through the principles needed to make sure that cloud deployment is an asset and not an obstacle.

Live Ops and Ongoing Support

Our Live Ops solution supports you no matter the scale or scenario – we’re committed to service reliability across every aspect of your streaming experience, complete with custom response times from our Live Ops specialists. In addition to our agile support for fault-fixing and disaster recovery, we’ll also advise you on the proper thinking for maximum stability in your core design.

If you need us, we’ll be with you every step of the way, from design document to post-release assistance.

Create the impossible


MILEs offer boundless creativity and opportunity for developers, broadcasters and other content creators. Speak to us today to be a part of this entertainment revolution.

There will always be a learning curve having to learn and use a new piece of technology. The Services team exists to take all that burden off of you. Our primary focus is integrating the Genvid MILE SDK into a company’s product or environment.

Pricing will vary depending on the level of support and integration you need. In order for us to best help, please contact us to schedule a time to discuss what type of solution you need.

The Services team provides a wide range of skills to suit your needs:
  • Tailored design development solutions of the Genvid MILE SDK
  • Cloud infrastructure architecture and management
  • 24 hour operational coverage and rapid response

The Live Operations team has a suite of tools to automate detections, mitigate incidents and track problems. These tools are customer configured per product to ensure the best possible user experience is delivered and meets your SLAs.

The Deploy team will work closely with you to understand your product’s needs and design a solution that scales out to your user expectations.

This space is really a sandbox and the Partner Services team will work with you to design an interactive experience that enhances your product.

Download the complete Genvid MILE SDK and take your first step toward creating brand new, compelling streaming experiences.