Security @ Genvid Holdings


Email Security Advisory

Genvid Holdings takes its security and the security of its users seriously. We often reach out to our users, vendors and partners via email, mainly for business-to-business correspondence, responding to information requests or sending newsletters, but also for a variety of other reasons. With the rise of "phishing" attacks from individuals seeking to steal personal information or funds over the internet, Genvid Holdings would like to urge you to be cautious and wary of scams in which fraudsters pretend to represent our, or other companies. These fraudulent offers often instruct prospective candidates to provide detailed passport and security clearance information, and/or to pay application and processing fees, and equipment fees. If you ever receive an email from Genvid Holdings with a request of this nature please be aware it is a FRAUDULENT communication.

  • Genvid Holdings does NOT require any payment or fees from prospective candidates.
  • Please be aware that while Genvid Holdings recruiters may initiate communication with candidates via LinkedIn, our employees will not solicit candidates through non Genvid Holdings e-mail addresses.
  • Genvid Holdings does NOT send any recruitment email from generic email addresses such as "", "", "" or ""

Even if the email address contains the word "Genvid", the email may not be from Genvid Holdings. For example, email addresses ending in "" and "" would be invalid.

  • Genvid Holdings only uses recruitment email addresses ending in ""
We strongly recommend that everyone be careful when opening emails from unverified sources. If you have received an email that appears to be from Genvid Holdings but is not from, do not open it. Instead, please report the email to our security team.

  • Also remember that just because an email looks like it is coming from an email address ending "" does not guarantee that it is legitimate. If the content of the email looks suspicious or if a different email address appears in place of the Genvid Holdings one when you hit Reply, please report the email to [email protected].

Do NOT provide any personal / financial information whatsoever, or make any payments requested by any email or other communication requesting such data to secure employment with Genvid Holdings. If you receive such a message, you are advised to contact the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (iC3) and provide any details you may have. You may also forward the messages to [email protected]. If you are interested in employment with Genvid Holdings, please visit our Careers Page.