We offer an easy to understand licensing structure where we only succeed when you do.

Download and test for free, and only pay when you run a commercial broadcast. Read the Genvid MILE SDK License Agreement included in the Genvid MILE SDK by hitting the button below.

Free to Download and Develop

Download the Genvid MILE SDK, evaluate and develop at no cost. Our license kicks in when you commercialize your broadcast.

Instream Purchases

If you intend to sell items or handle transactions through one of our streams, contact us for a side-letter.


The Genvid MILE SDK License requires broadcasters to provide a few, simple metrics such as Unique Monthly Viewers. See Section 3.4 of our License Agreement for more information.

Simple License Fee

We offer a flat-fee license: we ask for mere pennies (seven cents to be exact) for each unique viewer you had in the month you generated a broadcast. For platforms and other forms of broadcast, contact us to discuss alternative licensing options.