The Genvid MILE SDK allows developers to create richly interactive video streams which engage their audiences in meaningful experiences where their actions affect the stream itself. A spectating client is then deployed to a cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, etc.) alongside our Genvid Cluster which handles the communication between the cloud and the custom website.

Audio and video data get sent to a livestreaming service (Twitch, YouTube etc.), while the game data and events are delivered through our Genvid Cluster. An HTML overlay allows developers to both leverage the streaming service’s own web video player (receiving the audio and video streams) while also displaying extra game-specific information (received through a JavaScript API).
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Create your first MILE

Massively Interactive Live Events, or MILEs, are an exciting new way to reach, interact with and monetize your audience. Be part of a revolution!

Broadcast Your Way

We’re compatible with your preferred streaming platforms, server hosting infrastructure and game engines.

Own your data

We can give you the data you need to better understand your audience – what they want and what they will pay for.

Unlock new revenue

Reach a new, monetizable audience through microtransactions, subscriptions or even merchandising.

Genvid Data Streams

Genvid offers a variety of data streams alongside your video enabling new forms of interactivities both through overlay and around the video – from the game to the viewers, and from the viewers back securely into the game itself.

Develop how you want to, in the engine you want to use

Our technology works on all major engines and video streaming platforms. We’re official partners for Unity and Unreal, and our toolkit works with most other commercial and in-house engines and bespoke tools. We can enable MILEs on any video streaming platform through our unique overlay, broadcast to any video-capable connected device.


Quick to Integrate

Getting started with Genvid is very easy. See how simple it is to grab Video, Audio, Data and Events from your game and stream them with Genvid.

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