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Genvid SDK 1.23 – Samples Refactoring and New Events Web API.

Sample Refactoring: Unified Web Sample for our Tutorials

As tools evolve and improve, our samples need to follow. We have unified our tutorial samples to share a single web sample. We hope this change will help clarify how both the game and the website work together to create the Genvid Experience. We are preparing to simplify these samples even more in the future.

Load Tester Sample

We have also reworked our Load Tester Sample to be easier to customize and deploy. It now uses a standard cluster for deployment with a new API to control the number of instances that can be used for other purposes.

New Events Web API

While adding a new Events API, we also changed the name of commandd to webgateway. This new endpoint allows you to send events similar to the genvidClient.SendEvent method, but through a protected REST interface. This should allow you to add security and a validation mechanism on any action in your viewer experience, while still benefiting from the scalability of our Events streaming system.

Studio & Ingest Improvements

We have improved the Ingest Sample’s support of different colorspaces and formats, and fixed numerous issues which occurred when restarting the server. Note that Studio and Ingest support are still considered of preview quality, so please contact us if you are planning to use either in production.

For a full list of all the fixes in this version, see the full Genvid SDK 1.23.0 release notes.