Python Toolbox API


genvid.toolbox.BucketRegionNotMatching Raised if the existing bucket region doesn’t match the one specified.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplateError Base error type for consul-template failures.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplateExecutableNotFound Raised when the executable for consul-template cannot be found.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplateExecutionFailed Raised when running consul-template yielded a non-zero exit code.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplateInvalidUseOfFlag Indicate a flag parameter was used with a non-trivial value.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplateUseOfDisabledOption Indicate a disabled option was used with ConsulTemplate.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplateUseOfUnknownOption Indicate an unknown option was used with ConsulTemplate.
genvid.toolbox.ExecutableNotInPathError Exception thrown when a file is not found in the path.
genvid.toolbox.HttpError An error from the Cluster API.
genvid.toolbox.HttpErrorNotFound A not found HTTP error.
genvid.toolbox.HttpErrorBadGateway A bad gateway HTTP error.
genvid.toolbox.NoSuchBucketError Customized Exception when bucket does not exists.
genvid.toolbox.ServiceIsNotRunningError Raise when a service is not running.
genvid.toolbox.TerraformCommandError Error returns on a Terraform command.

Basic Tools

genvid.toolbox.AWSTool Utilities to access and manipulate AWS resources.
genvid.toolbox.AzureImageAPI Class that contains the business logic for manipulations with source game images in Azure.
genvid.toolbox.AzureStorageAccount Utilities to create and manipulate Azure Storage Account.
genvid.toolbox.AzureTool Utilities to access and manipulate Azure resources.
genvid.toolbox.Backup API to create backup archives and restore data from them.
genvid.toolbox.BaseHttpApiTool This is the base class for the HTTP API.
genvid.toolbox.BaseTool Base class for all tools.
genvid.toolbox.BastionAPI Client for the Bastion API.
genvid.toolbox.BastionTool A tool for seting up and managing a local Bastion.
genvid.toolbox.CertificateGenerator Class that contains the business logic for managing ssl certificates using Vault pki engine.
genvid.toolbox.ClusterAPI Handles the communication with a cluster.
genvid.toolbox.Clusters Base class to manage clusters.
genvid.toolbox.ConfigurationLoader This class provides methods to load or update configurations described by templates.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulBackup Logic to backup and restore Consul’s state.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplate Thin wrapper API around consul-template.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplateOutput Object returned by successful executions of consul-template.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplateTool Wrapper around ConsulTemplate to integrate with the toolbox.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTool This class allows you to access different Consul services.
genvid.toolbox.DockerTool Handle manipulation of Docker image archives.
genvid.toolbox.JobsAPI The jobs api.
genvid.toolbox.LinksAPI The links api.
genvid.toolbox.LogsAPI The logs api.
genvid.toolbox.NetworkTool Platform abstraction of network utilities.
genvid.toolbox.NomadTool A class for handling Nomad jobs.
genvid.toolbox.PackageArchiver This class is grouping the functions for creating a package suitable to be used as an artifact in Nomad.
genvid.toolbox.Profile API for manipulating profiles.
genvid.toolbox.SDK Common commands for setting up the SDK.
genvid.toolbox.TerraformBackup Logic to backup and restore Terraform’s state.
genvid.toolbox.TerraformProvider Class representing a Terraform provider configuration.
genvid.toolbox.VaultBackup Logic to backup and restore Vault’s state.
genvid.toolbox.VaultTool A class for interfacing with Vault.
genvid.toolbox.VersionBackup Logic to backup the SDK version.

Services: Base Tools

genvid.toolbox.ConsulService Base class for configuring the Consul service.
genvid.toolbox.NomadService Base Configuration of the Nomad service.
genvid.toolbox.ServiceInstaller Base class for installing all services.
genvid.toolbox.ServiceTool Base class for all services.
genvid.toolbox.VaultService Base Configuration of the Vault service.

Services: Local Tools

genvid.toolbox.LocalService This class wraps a service to be run locally as a background process.
genvid.toolbox.LocalServiceInstaller Installer for the local services.

Services: Linux Tools

genvid.toolbox.LinuxDockerService(**kwargs) A ServiceTool for configuring docker on a Linux server.
genvid.toolbox.LinuxConsulService(**kwargs) Configure Consul as a service on a Linux server.
genvid.toolbox.LinuxNomadService(**kwargs) Configure Nomad as a service on a Linux server.
genvid.toolbox.LinuxServiceInstaller(**kwargs) Install the supervisor services on a Linux server.
genvid.toolbox.LinuxVaultService(**kwargs) Configure Vault as a service on a Linux server.
genvid.toolbox.SystemdTool(**kwargs) Base ServiceTool for Linux servers under systemd.
genvid.toolbox.SystemdInstaller(**kwargs) Base ServiceInstaller for LinuxServiceInstaller under systemd.

Deprecated Tools


These modules have been deprecated. Although they still work for our oldest version, they aren’t expected to work with the new Bastion API.

genvid.toolbox.AllInOneTool Main tool for managing the all-in-one local environment for development.
genvid.toolbox.ClusterTool This class allows the configuration of a cluster.
genvid.toolbox.ConfigTool Manage Genvid configuration.
genvid.toolbox.ConsulTemplateLegacyTool A wrapper over consul-template that generates files from variables set in Consul, Vault, or from the environment.

Deprecated since version 1.30.0.

genvid.toolbox.EventsTool Tool that manages events configuration.

Deprecated since version 1.28.0.


Deprecated since version 1.30.0.

genvid.toolbox.ProjectTool Tool for managing project files.
genvid.toolbox.RuntimeTool Common tool for managing the different environments.
genvid.toolbox.TerraformTool Main tool for managing the cloud environment using Terraform.

The following classes have also been renamed (but an alias is still provided):