Twitch Streaming Using Twitch Extensions

You can also develop Twitch Extensions and use Genvid MILE SDK to create interactive solutions. In this case, your web server and the Genvid Cluster together provide what Twitch calls the Extension Back-end Service (EBS). The web server helps establish the initial connection with the Genvid Cluster which then passes Game Data on to the Twitch Extensions you develop to provide additional functionality. The static content for the Genvid Overlay is served from the Twitch CDN, rather than your own web server.


Twitch Extensions are partially supported for development but require a more complex setup than for a custom website. We recommend reviewing the Twitch Extension Development Sample for detailed information about preparing for and developing your own extension for the Genvid MILE SDK.

Before You Begin

Before you begin work on a Twitch Extension overlay, be sure to thoroughly review the Twitch Extensions Guidelines & Policies and Required Technical Background for Extensions. This helps ensure you have a smooth extension life-cycle and avoid issues which might prevent your extension being approved, such as problems with Content Security Policy.


You must provide the connection information for your web server. For an example, see the Twitch Extension Configuration Service section of the Twitch documentation.

Genvid Setup for Twitch Extension

The diagram shows much of the flow using Twitch Extensions is the same as with a Custom Website. The main differences are:

  • You create Twitch Extensions which provide the Genvid Overlay functionality you want.
  • Once approved, your Twitch Extensions are hosted on the Twitch CDN.
  • You activate your Twitch Extensions directly on your Twitch Channel, rather than embedding the Twitch feed on a Custom Website.

If you’re interested in developing Twitch Extensions using the Genvid MILE SDK, please contact us directly at