Massively Interactive Live Events

MILEs are a unique mix of streaming show and video game where the audience can influence the outcome of the characters, worlds and stories they love. Genvid has launched many successful MILEs and you can too:

  • Rival Peak
  • The Walking Dead™:Last Mile
  • SILENT HILL: Ascension (2023)


The Genvid MILE SDK makes MILEs possible by using data streams alongside your video, enabling rich forms of interactivity via an overlay and/or around the video itself.

MILEs run on almost any connected, video capable device, via Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or your own streaming platform.

Genvid offers multiple and flexible engagement models:

  • Full Service: Bespoke support to help you create a MILE
  • Self-Service: Free SDK download, documentation and online support
  • Publishing: Publish licensed titles from select franchises via Genvid Entertainment

SILENT HILL: Ascension
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